Our strategy

Bilby Plc was established as a holding company to provide gas, heating and general building services to predominantly local authorities and housing associations. The Board is focused on growing the business organically and through acquisition.

Bilby’s strategy of operating predominantly in London and the South East gives it significant access to a highly concentrated area of large scale customers that includes 1.32 million local authority and social housing association properties. With operational excellence underpinning all its activities, the Group is wholly focused on delivering first-class customer service that drives demand. This has enabled Bilby to achieve significant operational momentum by becoming a partner of choice.

The strategy of operating within a limited geographic focus, delivering best in class service and maintaining a disciplined pricing model and cost base also ensures operational efficiencies that drive both revenues and sustainable margins.


Since IPO in 2015, Bilby has delivered on its ‘buy-and-build’ strategy and in doing so has enabled the Group to tender for certain contract opportunities that it may otherwise have been precluded from due to pre-qualification revenue restrictions.

Acquisition milestones


Acquired P&R through a share for share exchange, P&R:

  • Provides gas, heating and building maintenance services
  • Operates throughout London and South-East England; headquartered in Kent

Acquired Purdy for £8.1m, Purdy:

  • Offers gas and electrical maintenance and installation services
  • Operates throughout London and the South East and is based in Essex


Acquired DCB for a maximum consideration of £4.0m, DCB:

  • Provides of building, refurbishment and maintenance services to housing associations for a maximum consideration of
  • Operates throughout London and the South East and is based in Kent

Acquired Spokemead, for a maximum consideration of £8.7m, Spokemead:

  • Is a specialist electrical installation and maintenance service provider
  • Operates throughout London and the South East and is based in Hertfordshire

The Group remains committed on its “buy-and-build” strategy and continues to review a range of opportunities. Bilby’s disciplined acquisition policy ensures it only reviews possible acquisitions based on strict criteria to ensure any acquisition is value enhancing and delivers significant service synergies and operational efficiencies.

Operational Highlights

The Group remains committed to maintaining its reputation for high levels of customer service in order to win additional and supplementary work as well as referrals from its current customers. Highlights since IPO include:

  • Following IPO in 2015 the Group serviced 100,000 properties in London and South East.
  • New contract wins included Hexagon Housing Association and Hyde Housing Association, Peabody Housing and the London Borough of Hackney

  • Secured a contract to provide building and support services for The Ministry of Defence, (that has evolved to now cover three MOD regions). Additional new customer wins included the London boroughs of Lambeth, Bexley and the housing associations Phoenix and Paradigm.
  • Finished first in the SEC framework tender for gas support work for the giving it access to an additional 140,000 properties in South East England.

  • Won new contracts with Saxon Weald, Wandsworth and Bexley Councils, Groveland Care Homes, Golding Homes, RSPCA, Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association. Notting Hill Housing Group, MHS, Barnet Homes and Harrow Council.
  • Started an eight-year contract to provide gas services for East Kent Housing. The contract, which commenced is the largest gas services contract awarded in Kent and covers servicing and support for over 16,700 properties.
  • The Group finished 2017 providing general building, gas maintenance and electrical services to over 300,000 domestic and commercial properties across London and South East England.