Our markets

The gas heating, electrical and general building services industries are benefiting from strong market fundamentals. These are being driven by government standards and legislation such as the Decent Homes Standard and Right to Repair Scheme. The growing demand for high quality affordable homes is adding pressure to local authorities and housing associations to maintain and improve their current housing stock as well as to build new homes.

Growing demand for Bilby’s services is driven by

  • 1.25 million - The number of local authority and housing association properties across London and South East England
  • £1.5 billion – The amount spent on repair and maintenance for local authority and housing association homes in 2013/14 fiscal year
  • 800,000 est. – Number of people in London on the waiting list for social sector homes
  • £21 billion to £28 billion – the estimated growth of total revenue spending resources for social housing in England between 2013 and 2017
  • 42,000 per year – the number of new affordable homes needed in London if severe shortfalls are to be met
  • £7bn additional spending on social housing between 2013-2017 in England and Wales, taking the total to £28bn £28bn

It is estimated that there are up to 1.332m social housing properties located in London and the South East. They are broken down as follows:

London and South East Regional Social Housing

Administered Housing Stock, London Boroughs

Bilby’s London-based services address 14 out of a total of 33 Boroughs, comprising a housing stock of 205,420 dwellings, 51.1% of total.